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Brunch Cup, chardonnay cocktail

Chardonnay lovers, here is your cocktail. An excellent celebration or brunch punch, this recipe should be made about 30 minutes before serving. Add the ice just before serving, but long enough ahead to chill the mixture. You’ll need a moderately priced bottle of chardonnay and some sparkling wine or champagne made from chardonnay. The recipe […]


Kir, mayoral cocktail

This simple drink brings together two things from the French city of Dijon: dry white wine and crème de cassis, a black currant liqueur. The drink owes its name to Felix Kir, long-time mayor of Dijon, who promoted his Kir by serving it to almost anyone who passed through town. The key to hizzoner’s drink is […]


Port in a Storm, a cocktail out of the weather

Here’s a easy step into the New Year using a red wine base. There are versions of this drink using tequila, vodka, and rum, but in this New Year to Super Bowl hiatus a less challenging approach might be prudent. The port wine and cognac add elements of intrigue found in a new harbor. Port […]


No way, Rosé – a wine-based cocktail

The stretch of spirits-driven winter holidays are almost over. Time to rescue a half-consumed bottle of dry Rosé in the back of the fridge. This light cocktail marries the wine and vermouth with a touch of black currant liquor and a tangy hint of citrus. Our large, ice-filled drink pairs well with sitting and reclining. […]