Drink up, Austin

Saddle up and ride for Austin tomorrow if you want to attend the Official Drink of Austin event. Six competing bartenders from the Lone Star state capital will be shaking and stirring their best. Which reminds us, we will be sharing live updates via our Twitter account @ShakesNStirs. Dozens of Texas spirits venders will join the cocktail […]


London Cocktail Week 2014

We are excited to be a sponsor of London Cocktail Week: trending on Twitter as #LCW2014. LCW2014 is a rollicking cocktail lover’s party sprawling across one of the world’s most pedestrian friendly cities. It also is a more sober and focused educational event for members of the spirits trade and press. My Daily Cocktails will lead “More […]


A shrub by any name

Here is another approach to making a shrub, a recipe with a slightly sweeter and fruitier profile than our strawberry shrub. This recipe, used in the Orange Tree Old Fashioned, is from Steven Gellett, keeper of the bar at The Orange Tree in Richmond, England, a public house, 13-room hotel, and haven to rugby fans. […]


As lovely as a shrub

The shrub is back. What is a shrub? It is, in the simplest terms, a fruit infused mixture of vinegar and sugar; an acidulated syrup with the potential to transform an ordinary cocktail into extraordinary. Historically, shrubs in Colonial America were a way of preserving fruit and mixing the flavored syrup with water or soda […]


Negroni Week June 2-8

Search here for Negroni recipes. A great drink, for great causes. Negroni. This is an Italian thing. You start with Campari, a bright red Italian bitter, designed to be consumed as a digestive. Take it up a notch by combining with with a little soda. Twist of lemon. Que casa! Now mix Campari with sweet […]


Limited Limes

Did we ever imagine limes could be so expensive we would think twice about making a G&T, daiquiri, margarita, mojito, cosmopolitan? Is this the end of the lime enhanced cocktail as we know it? A few weeks ago we were paying $1 for 4, 5 or even 8 limes. Today, in some northern grocery stores, […]


Leading Role, a tweeted Oscar cocktail

“And the winner is . . .” Here’s a late (and final) entry for our Oscar round of cocktails. The ingredient list is an idea from one of our twitter followers, @MBennett117. Kraken is a very dark rum loaded with cinnamon and ginger. This recipe will appear as a featured post with photos next week. […]


And the Oscar goes to…

The Academy Awards started as an industry party, with stars dining and drinking at tables, waiting for their name to be called, or perhaps for their next cocktail to be served. Today, the awards are an international TV event. Hollywood celebrities sit in theater seats while hosts crack wise, or unwise, and it is the […]


Martini Monday

Martini Monday The Martini was first made: A – during the Gold Rush in the California town of Martinez B – by a San Francisco bartender for a customer going to Martinez C – by a bartender named Martini or Martinez in an unnamed city D – none of the above One thing about the […]


Sunday, Sneak Preview

Our final Super Bowl Week drink celebrates the high moments of the game. The shop-ahead for Sunday’s Touchdown calls for bourbon, applejack (Laird’s if you can get it), limes, lemons, several apples, ginger ale, and lots of cracked ice.


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