Cantaloupe Cooler, melon cocktail

As we made our way through the produce section last weekend, we noticed an array of freshly packaged fruit, all peeled, seeded, diced and ready to go. The cantaloupe looked good and the rest of the recipe easily fell together. You could experiment with switching types of melon and liqueur or one of the many brands of spiced rums. This recipe makes 4 servings.

Cantaloupe Cooler Cantalopue Cooler vert
6 ounces dark rum
1 cup diced ripe cantaloupe
1 ounce creme de banana
1 ounce lime

Haul out the blender. Pour all the ingredients into the blender and add 6 ice cubes. Blender until ice cubes have almost disappeared. Pour into ice-filled highball glasses and garnish with lime wedges.

Tasting notes: Fresh cantaloupe brings healthy vibe to a good strong island drink.

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