Cactus Rose, succulent fruit cocktail

The fruit of the nopales, or prickly pear cactus, is called a “tuna” in Mexico. Shaken in a cocktail, the red tuna imparts a delicate fruit flavor and sensational color. Matched with tequila it is another of those perfect Mexican inspired pairings. Use 100% agave blanco/white tequila, and every ounce of the drink is from the cactus family, except the lime. This recipe makes 3 servings.

Cactus Rose Cactus Rose Close
6 ounces white tequila
3/4 ounce agave nectar
3 ounces fresh lime juice
1 red nopales fruit, peeled and sliced

Set aside 3 slices of the tuna and place one in each cocktail glass. Roughly chop remaining slices and, with tequila, nectar, and lime juice, add to ice filled cocktail shaker. Shake for 20 seconds to thoroughly release the cactus fruit flavor and color. Strain into the waiting glasses.

Tasting notes: Delicious. Terrific balance of strong, sweet, tart.

Tomorrow: Punch! It’s for Mother’s Day.

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