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Suave, cachaca cocktail

We dedicate this drink to Brazil, host to, and loser of, the 2014 World Cup. The idea for it came when we splurged on a strawberry papaya tucked away in the corner of the exotic fruit section of the high-end market we frequent on paydays. In Portuguese, “suave” means smooth. This recipe may seem out […]


Assist, cachaça cocktail

Today, the U.S. team meets Germany in 2014 World Cup play in Brazil. This drink bears the name of a soccer term used first by American and now by the international soccer organization — the only hold outs are the English, whom seem to resist many American turns of phrase. We’ve brought together something German, […]


Fresa Andina, pisco cocktail

We return now to South America, scene of the 2014 World Cup. This time we peer west over the Andes to Peru, home of pisco. The food markets seem well stocked this year with reasonably-priced strawberries from Mexico and California. In the name of frugality therefore, we have created this summer and soccer tribute. Fresa […]


Slo Mo, World Cup cocktail

We were thinking fondly of BevMo, a major spirits, wine, and beer retailer in 3 western states, when we created this World Cup cocktail. BevMo also has cocktails online for the 2014 World Cup, which continues through July 13 in Brazil. As they say, the mo’ the merrier. Here’s one BevMo is welcome to add […]


Show Me the Way, double cocktail

Tequila, in a cocktail, needs its sweet and tart companions to make it work. The Galliano steps in with the sweet, Aperol adds a touch of bitter and color, and grapefruit juice provides a citrus balance. While this drink is for two, the recipe can be multiplied for a large party gathered around bowls of […]


Red Card, World Cup cocktail

In soccer a red card means “you’re outta here,” the result of a player being cautioned with two yellow cards for an infraction of soccer rules. (See yesterday’s cocktail.) The real sting about a red card is that the player can not be replaced and his team is now one player short. Red Card 2 […]


Yellow Card, World Cup cocktail

Here’s something for first time viewers of the World Cup soccer matches. A yellow card is held up by the referee when a player is cautioned for breaking the rules. The ref writes the player’s name and number in a small notebook. Well, ref, we don’t know if we should be cautioned, but you’re free […]


Group A, World cup cocktail

And here we go: first match of the 2014 World Cup in Sao Paulo with Brazil hosting Crotia. Between now and the cup final in Rio de Janiero on July 13, we’re pulling out the cachaça, rum and pisco — plus a variety of mixers — to improve your viewing enjoyment. Group A 1 1/2 […]