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Figure 8, skater’s cocktail

It’s watching the icy expanse Olympic skaters go racing, spinning and twirling across that gave us an idea: Pour 2 ounces of water into a plastic martini glass and place it in the freezer overnight; before mixing the drink, take out the plastic glass and remove the cone-shaped ice; now pour the drink in the […]


OK UK, Sochi trolley cocktail

Responding to a request from Britain for another Winter Olympics cocktail, this time honoring the BBC Sports trolley following the British team, we created OK UK. The base spirit is gin, mais oui. The Falernum, a rum-based liqueur, adds a deeper taste to the drink and blue curacao lends an icy appearance. Serve cold, like […]


Bobsled, icy fast cocktail

Fast and cold. That’s the two-man bobsled run, and also the character of this drink. Don’t try and finish this in record time. It takes less than 5 minutes to run the bobsled course — just about the time it takes to mix this drink. The Winter Olympics bobsled competition starts Sunday. Bobsled 2 ounces […]


Gold Medal, Olympian cocktail

The 2014 Winter Olympics get underway today in Sochi, Russian. Immediate thematic ideas for a celebratory drink run to Black Russian, White Russian or the locationally inaccurate Moscow Mule. But something different, something world class, something to fight the cold, snow and ice is needed. Rum? A touch of mint? Let the games begin! Gold […]


Spasibo, Martini Monday cocktail

Spasibo launches our Martini Monday line of classic and original Martini cocktails with ingredients for the Millennium. Today is an original: instead of vermouth, we’re using Tuaca, an Italian liqueur with citrus and almond flavors. Though still the same recipe, Tuaca is now distilled in Louisville, Kentucky. The drink’s title, Russian for thanks, looks ahead […]