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Strawberry Dimple, gin cocktail

What is a dimple? It is a miniature version of a martini served straight up in a shooter glass. This doesn’t mean the drink belongs in the college drinking game category. The name is too silly for that. It works well as an aperitif and as an after dinner drink. This cocktails calls for a […]


Orange Tree Old Fashioned, bourbon cocktail

We are grateful to Steven Gellett of The Orange Tree, a pub and hotel in Richmond, England, a community to the west of London. He also shared his recipe for the Orange Ginger Shrub used in the drink. A bourbon aficionado, Gellett favors Maker’s Mark for this recipe. Maker’s uses water from its own “Bourbon […]


CleMint-ine, bourbon cocktail

While it seemed difficult enough finalizing this recipe, creating a name was harder. We’ve been playing around with shrubs and wanted to bring a citrus flavor into a bourbon cocktail. Use our shrub recipe, substituting 4 cups quartered clementine for the strawberries. CleMint-ine 2 ounces of bourbon 1/2 ounce Southern Comfort 3/4 ounce clementine shrub […]


Florious, gin cocktail

This is a slight adaption of the Flora Dora cocktail recipe on the Hendrick’s Gin site, which, it appears, also features all the graphic bits leftover from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” Hendrick’s Gin, distilled in Scotland, is noted for its rose petal and cucumber flavorings. We’ve replaced raspberry syrup with a raspberry shrub and the […]


Red Snapper, whiskey cocktail

Just can’t seem to shake off the use of shrubs in recent recipes. Probably because we made too many; let this be a warning to all. If you use our shrub recipe, you may want to halve the ingredients. The shrub in this drink provides a fruit balance, cranberry juice gives this color and tartness, […]


Razzamatazz, vodka cocktail

Stand at a crossroad long enough and you’ll meet everybody you know. This drink creates a four-way intersection with our Martini Monday category, an original recipe, the use of a shrub, and the 1876 vodka from Drippings Springs, Texas. Razzamatazz 2 ounces vodka 1/2 ounce raspberry shrub 4 mint leaves Place a cocktail glass in […]


Shrub Hub, rye cocktail

We had some strawberry shrub left over from making the Strawberry Sparkle. Actually, we have a lot of shrub still in the fridge. You can never have too much shrub, apparently. The rosemary provides an intriguing herbal note to this take on an Old-Fashioned. Shrub Hub 2 ounces rye 1/4 ounce strawberry shrub Short sprig […]