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Debate One, an election cocktail

Just a few more weeks and the pain will be over, or maybe just starting for some. Without taking sides in the November election results or tonight’s first of the three Clinton-Trump debates, we offer this truly American Tennessee whisky (no “e”, please) reinforced cocktail flavored with a lemon twist and supported by two imports, […]


Under the Radar, bourbon cocktail

This comes under the heading of “when you have spirits, make a cocktail.” Replacement of a radar unit delayed our flight’s departure from Houston for London Cocktail Week. While waiting we read United’s Business First menu. Hey, we thought, let’s create a drink recipe from what’s onboard. Herewith the first of our truly airborne cocktails. […]


Ranger Rick

This recipe began with a taste of .36 Texas Bourbon Whiskey from Ranger Creek in San Antonio, a heady spirit with great barrel vanilla flavor. Ranger Creek, a brewery and distillery, also makes white whiskeys. Later, I stopped by an Ikea to purchase a shelving unit (yes, I had some problems with the assembly) and […]


Shine On, vodka cocktail

Put older and oldest together in the brewing and distilling world and you get something brand new. Tito’s lays claim to being the oldest legal distillery in Texas and Spoetzl Brewery, in Shiner, Texas, has been bottling Shiner Beer since 1909. One variety of Shiner, now a year-round favorite, is Redbird, a brew flavored with […]


Tropical Storm, vodka cocktail

Today’s weather report: If you can’t make a Hurricane, create a Tropical Storm. Here’s a refreshing, minty mix for the late summer and the beginning of a close tropical weather watch. Our brew is a minty riff on the egg white-based Pisco Sour with vodka in a leading role and pineapple juice and creme de […]


Dog Daze, a beer cocktail

In honor of National Hot Dog Day we offer this bubbling quaff spiked with a dose of barrel-aged gin and a touch of lemon. The beer, Saint Arnold Brewing Company Summer Pils, is brewed in Houston and the gin is aged by Treaty Oak Distilling in Dripping Springs, Texas. When the German frankfurter wurst crossed […]


Cordiality, whisky cocktail

Let us celebrate the day of whisky, without an “e.” We’ve taken a touch of single malt and married it with a British dash of Elderflower Cordial, a few drops of fresh orange, and served it up on the rocks in celebration of this August day. Cordiality 2 ounces Scotch whisky 1/4 ounce Elderflower cordial […]


Bocce Ball, amaretto cocktail

In honor of World Cocktail Day we resurrect this minimalist two-ingredient recipe. A cocktail is, by definition, any beverage with two or more ingredients if at least one of them contains alcohol. The almond flavor of amaretto liqueur mixes surprisingly well with citrus. So, pour away and enjoy this imbibers’ special day. Bocce Ball 2 […]


Bride and Groom, wedding cocktails

It’s wedding season and we’re tripping joyfully over the invitations. We were asked to do a set of His and Her cocktails for one couple. The idea here is to make a base with the spirit, juices, and modifiers. Then pour a measured amount of the base over ice, top with a splash of soda […]


Puerto Nuevo

Another day drawing to a close in paradise; drifting through time at the W Retreat and Spa Hotel on Vieques, Puerto Rico’s “little girl” sister island. At the hotel’s wet deck — an area with double swimming pools and an awning-covered bar, it was the moment for a quick, cold drink before dinner. This drink […]


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