Rasputin – a monkish cocktail

That wily Russian monk Rasputin really got around. This violet-hued mixture comes from The South American Gentleman’s Companion, published in 1939. The author discovered Rasputin in Buenos Aires at a time when vodka, as a base for US cocktails, was virtually unknown. This drink should be served very cold. Rasputin 2 ounces vodka 1/2 ounce […]


Ward 8 – modern tastes meet an old school cocktail

As November draws toward its blustery close and we head into another election cycle (saints preserve us), we are reminded about a drink with a political past. Ward 8 hails from Boston, home of so many lovely hard drinking politicians. A Southie barman, when called upon to create a drink celebrating a state legislator’s election, […]


My Gin – a serious strawberry cocktail

Mondays often call for clarity and focus. Meet My Gin (with apologies to Lanvin). The clear fresh taste of ripe strawberries is heightened by the citrus and balanced by the gin. It redeems Monday, and inspires us to talk about gin, which is enjoying new popularity. There are some interesting gins being distilled in these […]


French 75 – a perfect Sunday cocktail

The French 75 is the first caliber in a series of drinks named after old school military artillery pieces. This originally European champagne cocktail is a lovely integration of bubbles and smooth citrus, and dates from the period of World War I. It is made with dry gin. We will move up to the higher […]


Curated cocktails for the discerning drinker

Meet your bartenders. They’ve been journalists, sailors, chefs – a litany of professions with exposure to the finer and coarser sides of the bottle. A couple of lifetimes of drinking have led to the firm conviction that better is better. Forget more, less, size and volume – a better drink is a better drink. We […]


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