Puerto Nuevo

Another day drawing to a close in paradise; drifting through time at the W Retreat and Spa Hotel on Vieques, Puerto Rico’s “little girl” sister island. At the hotel’s wet deck — an area with double swimming pools and an awning-covered bar, it was the moment for a quick, cold drink before dinner. This drink […]


Texas Fashion, bourbon cocktail

Here’s a tribute to Texas spirit makers on the occasion of this weekend’s 2015 Houston Whiskey Festival. Not all the whiskey poured will be Texican, but we are using one that is — Yellow Rose Double Barrel, a bourbon aged first in new oak and then finished in wine barrels. The two-step aging adds a […]


Hibernia, Irish whiskey cocktail

Enough has been said about St. Patrick of Ireland to fill all the glasses of poitin consumed in the name of all the saints, before and after. So, here’s to himself on the day when the world wears green, gushes Guinness, and the evening descends into generous excess. Tomorrow you can drink to Saint Cyril […]


Competition, gin cocktail

The things you do for and with friends are often the best of times. We gather every now and then with friends in friendly competition to see who makes the best pizza, lasagna, dessert, or just to share a meal with one couple bringing a drink, another the salad, and someone else doing an entree. […]


Drink Up, Austin

Saddle up and ride for Austin tomorrow if you want to attend the Official Drink of Austin event. Six competing bartenders from the Lone Star state capital will be shaking and stirring their best. Which reminds us, we will be sharing live updates via our Twitter account @ShakesNStirs. Dozens of Texas spirits venders will join the cocktail […]


Love Bite, vodka cocktail

David Alan writes a cocktail column for the Texas Monthly and is the author of “Tipsy Texan: Spirits and Cocktails from the Lone Star State.” His book contains some refreshingly novel takes on cocktails, particularly this liquid celebration for Valentine’s Day. If you are a chocolate lover, look elsewhere. Love Bite 1 1/2 ounces vodka […]


Marco Verde, gin cocktail

Northern Italy, in the past 30 years, has become the world’s second largest grower of kiwi fruit; China, where the fruit originated, is first. This wasn’t even on our radar! So, maybe Marco Polo did get something in return for sharing the secret of noodle making with the Chinese. This recipe is a Negroni derivative. […]


Crescent Moon, moonshine cocktail

We’re having a hard time stepping away from moonshine-based drinks. There was a great deal of talk last year during London Cocktail Week by bartenders and spirit venders about coming trends. More cocktails, they said, will be based on clear or white spirits: tequila, gin, Ireland’s poitin, and America’s moonshine. Bartenders, in particular, see a […]


Roland’s Restorative, vodka cocktail

Family remedies, particularly those having a compelling story, always seem to work — even if the cure is a matter of faith. This remedy originally called for soaking the raisins in gin and storing the bottle under the kitchen sink. Taken in small doses it was a grandfather’s acclaimed treatment for arthritis. We don’t know […]


Suave, cachaca cocktail

We dedicate this drink to Brazil, host to, and loser of, the 2014 World Cup. The idea for it came when we splurged on a strawberry papaya tucked away in the corner of the exotic fruit section of the high-end market we frequent on paydays. In Portuguese, “suave” means smooth. This recipe may seem out […]


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