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Debate One, an election cocktail

Just a few more weeks and the pain will be over, or maybe just starting for some. Without taking sides in the November election results or tonight’s first of the three Clinton-Trump debates, we offer this truly American Tennessee whisky (no “e”, please) reinforced cocktail flavored with a lemon twist and supported by two imports, […]


Shine On, vodka cocktail

Put older and oldest together in the brewing and distilling world and you get something brand new. Tito’s lays claim to being the oldest legal distillery in Texas and Spoetzl Brewery, in Shiner, Texas, has been bottling Shiner Beer since 1909. One variety of Shiner, now a year-round favorite, is Redbird, a brew flavored with […]


Tropical Storm, vodka cocktail

Today’s weather report: If you can’t make a Hurricane, create a Tropical Storm. Here’s a refreshing, minty mix for the late summer and the beginning of a close tropical weather watch. Our brew is a minty riff on the egg white-based Pisco Sour with vodka in a leading role and pineapple juice and creme de […]


Bride and Groom, wedding cocktails

It’s wedding season and we’re tripping joyfully over the invitations. We were asked to do a set of His and Her cocktails for one couple. The idea here is to make a base with the spirit, juices, and modifiers. Then pour a measured amount of the base over ice, top with a splash of soda […]


Love Bite, vodka cocktail

David Alan writes a cocktail column for the Texas Monthly and is the author of “Tipsy Texan: Spirits and Cocktails from the Lone Star State.” His book contains some refreshingly novel takes on cocktails, particularly this liquid celebration for Valentine’s Day. If you are a chocolate lover, look elsewhere. Love Bite 1 1/2 ounces vodka […]


Roland’s Restorative, vodka cocktail

Family remedies, particularly those having a compelling story, always seem to work — even if the cure is a matter of faith. This remedy originally called for soaking the raisins in gin and storing the bottle under the kitchen sink. Taken in small doses it was a grandfather’s acclaimed treatment for arthritis. We don’t know […]


Boo!, red wine cocktail

Halloween has become a holiday of such popularity it seems to outsell Christmas in decorating costs. Lawns of inflated ghosts and huge animals; more witches and wizards than a Hogwarts reunion; and tons of candy to hauled away by the young. In the midst of all this hysteria, here’s a themed drink to celebrate getting […]


Orange Mojo, vodka cocktail

It is hard to watch a team falter. We refer here to the early innings of Game 6, 2014 World Series. The San Francisco Giants aren’t pitching, fielding, or batting well. Kansas City Royals playing hard, pushing hard, are up 8-0 and it’s only the 4th. As long time San Franciscans this is a time for […]


Bourbonski. bourbon cocktail

Craft distilling is expanding rapidly and, it seems, globally. In the U.S., most major cities are home to small-scale pot or column still operations making unique gin, vodka, rum, and whiskey. This drink is in anticipation of craft whiskey distilling expansion into Poland. We see this as a “brown spirits” martini. Bourbonski  1 1\2 ounces […]


Tea Party, bourbon cocktail

This isn’t a political tea party. This is a social gathering centered on an alcoholic drink. But isn’t that really a political party? Whatever it is, this recipe is a shortcut to impart a sharp tannin and bitters flavor into an Old-Fashioned drink by using tea. Our recipe calls for bags of rooibus from Republic of […]


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