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Tailgate redux, football cocktail

American football is revving back up for its short, intense season, and we’ve revived an Original MDC Super Bowl recipe. The setting: Summer is ending in a broiling hot parking lot populated by thousands of excited fans; yes, tailgate city. We’ll need disposable or compostable cups for this. And Tabasco, Louisiana’s culinary curative. We use […]


Shrub Hub, rye cocktail

We had some strawberry shrub left over from making the Strawberry Sparkle. Actually, we have a lot of shrub still in the fridge. You can never have too much shrub, apparently. The rosemary provides an intriguing herbal note to this take on an Old-Fashioned. Shrub Hub 2 ounces rye 1/4 ounce strawberry shrub Short sprig […]


Simpatico, rye cocktail

This a an Italian-accented variation of Old Pal, a Prohibition era recipe which used Canadian whiskey and dry vermouth. The lemon juice is our idea as a balance to the sweeter vermouth and to emphasize the bitter taste of the Campari. Simpatico 1 1/2 rye whiskey 1/2 sweet vermouth 1/2 Campari bitters 1/4 ounce lemon […]


Home Plate, rye cocktail

Here’s something for the 7th inning stretch during tonight’s Baseball All-Star game at Target Field in Minneapolis. We’ve been playing around with creating our own bitters and used our Muddy Bitters (a work in progress) in this. Angostura or Peychaud’s bitters work equally well. There also is the full range of Fee Brothers bitters to […]


Assist, cachaça cocktail

Today, the U.S. team meets Germany in 2014 World Cup play in Brazil. This drink bears the name of a soccer term used first by American and now by the international soccer organization — the only hold outs are the English, whom seem to resist many American turns of phrase. We’ve brought together something German, […]


Green Hornet, whiskey cocktail

This mixture has all the signs of one of those Prohibition era cocktails in which raw characteristics of bad booze were made palatable with liqueur modifiers. Fear not: Good rye brings some sting, creme de menthe provides the herbal tingle, and the Chartreuse adds a dose of pepperiness. Green Hornet 3/4 ounce rye 3/4 ounce […]


Before Dinner, aperitif cocktail

We were looking for a quick, pre-dinner whiskey drink, one that would pique the appetite. And one that would use ingredients on hand. There was a bottle of Colorado rye, the Italian vermouth Punt e Mes, and the paper-wrapped bottle of Peychauds bitters. Five minutes later, we were sipping and planning dinner. Before Dinner 1 […]


Florida Express, rye cocktail

We had an overstock of fresh orange juice the other day and, while it goes well for breakfast, we decided to balance it with some rye whiskey and tone it with Angostura bitters. After a few tastes we decided it, too, could go on the breakfast menu. A not-from-concentrate orange juice will also work. Florida […]


Tailgate, parking lot cocktail

The setting: Parking lot, cold and damp, thousands of excited fans; yes, tailgate city. We’ll need disposable or compostable cups for this. And Tabasco, Louisiana’s culinary curative. We use Chipotle for smokiness; feel free to bring your own spice. Tailgate Dash Chipotle Tabasco 1 ounce rye Ice cold beer with good hoppy flavor Put a […]


Manhattan, perfect cocktail

The Manhattan cocktail has a history seemingly as old as the island itself. The original, called “the perfect Manhattan,” later spawned drier and sweeter versions. It all depended on the types and amounts of vermouth used. This perfect, a fence-sitter using dry and sweet vermouth, celebrates Super Bowl co-hosts on the east side of the […]


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