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Bride and Groom, wedding cocktails

It’s wedding season and we’re tripping joyfully over the invitations. We were asked to do a set of His and Her cocktails for one couple. The idea here is to make a base with the spirit, juices, and modifiers. Then pour a measured amount of the base over ice, top with a splash of soda […]


Texas Fashion, bourbon cocktail

Here’s a tribute to Texas spirit makers on the occasion of this weekend’s 2015 Houston Whiskey Festival. Not all the whiskey poured will be Texican, but we are using one that is — Yellow Rose Double Barrel, a bourbon aged first in new oak and then finished in wine barrels. The two-step aging adds a […]


Black Eye, whiskey cocktail

This has been a work-in-progress for the past 5 years. It may still need work. The idea was to build, in the drink, some of the color in a black eye. Trying to give a taste profile with a bit of punch — well, that has been the interesting part. Any ideas? Black Eye 1 […]


Day One, moonshine cocktail

The start of another week and the need for an end-of-day celebration for muddling through another Monday. Some moonshine — this one from Bone Spirits — jazzed up with a drop of orange juice and some Peychauds bitters. They combine to add a brighter outlook to the rest of the week. Day One 1 1/2 […]


Before Dinner, aperitif cocktail

We were looking for a quick, pre-dinner whiskey drink, one that would pique the appetite. And one that would use ingredients on hand. There was a bottle of Colorado rye, the Italian vermouth Punt e Mes, and the paper-wrapped bottle of Peychauds bitters. Five minutes later, we were sipping and planning dinner. Before Dinner 1 […]