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Dog Daze, a beer cocktail

In honor of National Hot Dog Day we offer this bubbling quaff spiked with a dose of barrel-aged gin and a touch of lemon. The beer, Saint Arnold Brewing Company Summer Pils, is brewed in Houston and the gin is aged by Treaty Oak Distilling in Dripping Springs, Texas. When the German frankfurter wurst crossed […]


Hibernia, Irish whiskey cocktail

Enough has been said about St. Patrick of Ireland to fill all the glasses of poitin consumed in the name of all the saints, before and after. So, here’s to himself on the day when the world wears green, gushes Guinness, and the evening descends into generous excess. Tomorrow you can drink to Saint Cyril […]


Competition, gin cocktail

The things you do for and with friends are often the best of times. We gather every now and then with friends in friendly competition to see who makes the best pizza, lasagna, dessert, or just to share a meal with one couple bringing a drink, another the salad, and someone else doing an entree. […]


Marco Verde, gin cocktail

Northern Italy, in the past 30 years, has become the world’s second largest grower of kiwi fruit; China, where the fruit originated, is first. This wasn’t even on our radar! So, maybe Marco Polo did get something in return for sharing the secret of noodle making with the Chinese. This recipe is a Negroni derivative. […]


French 75, Anniversary cocktail

(A year ago, we launched our site with this cocktail, a lovely integration of bubbles, gin, citrus, and a touch of syrup. We’ll gather the ingredients tonight for a celebration.) The French 75 was the first in a series of drinks named after military artillery pieces. This caliber of cannon saw service with American soldiers […]


London Bombay, gin cocktail

Still trying to work our way through London Cocktail Week’s 250 participating pubs, bars and lounges, and not ruin our health. Last night we combined dinner and drinks at Dishoom, a Bombay-style Indian restaurant with as talented a bar crew as we’ve come across this week. Their version of a gimlet is light and herby, […]


London SE4, gin cocktail

For those wondering about the names of recipes from London Cocktail Week, let us explain: We’re using the Royal Mail postal codes for London, a nod to all things English. Our creation today uses an unusual product, malt extract, as a rim garnish. Some very delightful people from Muntons, manufactures of malt used in brewing […]


London E1, gin cocktail

We’ve arrived in England for the start today of London Cocktail Week, a marathon of spirits, seminars, and tastings. More than 250 pubs, bars, and cocktail lounges will be creating and serving their own drinks to those who sign up and shell out to participate in this city-wide party. We’ll be participating in a seminar […]


Strawberry Dimple, gin cocktail

What is a dimple? It is a miniature version of a martini served straight up in a shooter glass. This doesn’t mean the drink belongs in the college drinking game category. The name is too silly for that. It works well as an aperitif and as an after dinner drink. This cocktails calls for a […]


Aprini, martini cocktail

The fruit industry has a ball crossing, recrossing, and criss-crossing the plum and apricot, two varieties of fruit that, really, seemed so happy on their own. We now have hybridized plumcots, pluots, apriums and varieties thereof. We mention all this to show you what we’ve decided to avoid. This drink recipe calls for a small […]


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