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Under the Radar, bourbon cocktail

This comes under the heading of “when you have spirits, make a cocktail.” Replacement of a radar unit delayed our flight’s departure from Houston for London Cocktail Week. While waiting we read United’s Business First menu. Hey, we thought, let’s create a drink recipe from what’s onboard. Herewith the first of our truly airborne cocktails. […]


Bocce Ball, amaretto cocktail

In honor of World Cocktail Day we resurrect this minimalist two-ingredient recipe. A cocktail is, by definition, any beverage with two or more ingredients if at least one of them contains alcohol. The almond flavor of amaretto liqueur mixes surprisingly well with citrus. So, pour away and enjoy this imbibers’ special day. Bocce Ball 2 […]


Blimey, Scotch cocktail

Blimey. There’s a word we may want to practice using this weekend as American football comes to London for the second time this season. The Atlanta Falcons face the Detroit Lions today. The Dallas Cowboys play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Nov. 9. All the games will be played at Wembley Stadium, where the […]


Mazerati, vermouth cocktail

Here’s a nice slow drive in a fast car. The brand of vermouth called for, Ramazzotti Amaro, does sounds like a high-performance sports car model. It is for the drinker who enjoys the deep herb quality of a bitter vermouth and added nutty flavor of amaretto. You could use less expensive sweet vermouth, but then […]


Mama Mia, amaretto cocktail

One has to wonder how many of these were consumed by the Scandinavian rock group ABBA while they composed the music and lyrics to “Dancing Queen.” This recipe makes a very pleasant after-dinner drink and has the creamy texture of a White Russian. Mama Mia 1 ounce vodka 1/2 ounce amaretto liqueur 1/2 ounce heavy […]


Bocce Ball, amaretto cocktail

The almond flavor of amaretto liqueur mixes surprisingly well with citrus. The Amaretto Sour, posted earlier this year, uses lemon and offers a bracing version of a sour cocktail. Orange juice in this recipe creates sweeter tones and the soda water makes it a longer drink. Bocce Ball 2 ounces amaretto 4 ounces fresh orange […]


Almond Joy, creamy cocktail

Almond flavored drinks are fairly common. They range from a few drops of almond syrup, to a full strength amaretto sour, and on to this creamy concoction with a creme de cacao note. While this works well in the after dinner category, its low alcohol content can make it an anytime cocktail. Almond Joy 1 […]


Amaretto Sour, almond-flavored cocktail

Amaretto, a sweet Italian liqueur, is made from flavors extracted from apricot pits or almonds, sometimes both. The lemon gives this a nice balance as a pre-dinner drink. Amaretto Sour 2 ounces amaretto 1 ounce fresh lemon juice Put amaretto and lemon juice in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and strain over ice into […]