Super time at the bowl

Sometime during the next week, millions of American household shoppers will head to grocery stores for stockpiles of meats, cheeses, breads, crackers, chips, and dips to place on Super Bowl XLVIII’s food altar.

In honor, we offer a week’s worth of drink and cocktail recipes as pairings for Super Bowl Sunday.

Today, we start with Pigskin Widow, a sparkling wine acknowledgement that not all share in the high enthusiasm of the sport’s finale.

Next is Hail Mary, our fresh tomato spin to celebrate the Pro Bowl, played today (Jan. 26) in Hawaii.

New York and New Jersey are co-hosting this Super Bowl and we start the week with the Manhattan, a classical mix of whiskey, vermouth and bitters.

Tuesday’s recipe, Hackensack, is named after the New Jersey river running alongside the Super Bowl stadium site and features New Jersey’s state fruit: blueberries.

The Seahawks get their nod Wednesday with Pacific Velvet, a sparkler-beer quaff using Washington state ingredients.

Thursday is Rocky Mtn Hi, the Broncos tribute, with Colorado-made whiskey and a whimsical touch of herbs and spices.

On Friday it’s Casino, a Martini-ish recipe with a nod to those who may have some skin in (or on) the game.

Tailgate on Saturday says it all: Beer and a shot of rye with overtones of smoky chipotle.

And finally, for the day of days, Touchdown, a make-ahead punch that can last through the first half, half time, and the final seconds. There’s a non-alcoholic version, too.

Let’s flip a coin and get started.


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