And the Oscar goes to…

The Academy Awards started as an industry party, with stars dining and drinking at tables, waiting for their name to be called, or perhaps for their next cocktail to be served.

Today, the awards are an international TV event. Hollywood celebrities sit in theater seats while hosts crack wise, or unwise, and it is the audience at home that gets to have the party and the next cocktail.

Elvis pouring alt cropAfter canvassing our Twitter followers for Oscars-themed drink suggestions, we offer several cocktails for your consideration.

They are:

    • Release, created in honor of Oscar-nominated 12 Years a Slave and featuring an African liqueur, Amarula, as well as Bourbon, tangerine juice and orange bitters. Expect a creamy strong bittersweetness, with fruit notes.
    • B Movie, in honor of all the films and players who never quite reached the Oscars. Lillet Rose, creme de banana and gin.
    • Frisco Sour, paying homage both to Cate Blanchett’s role as a very blue Jasmine, and to the lovely cool grey City by the Bay.
    • Scam I Am – Inspired by American Hustle, this drink features Goldschläger and Champagne – a perfect combo for your next con.
    • Elvis – for happy, silly American musicals. Pictured here, Elvis is a fun, deceptively light and bubbly drink.
    • Shirley Temple and Roy Rogers. Shirley Temple Black no doubt will make the poignant honor reel this year, and we offer both of these mocktails for the designated drivers, teetotalers, and underage party-goers among us.

An added bonus: For Your Consideration (Widescreen)


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