Tailgate redux, football cocktail

American football is revving back up for its short, intense season, and we’ve revived an Original MDC Super Bowl recipe. The setting: Summer is ending in a broiling hot parking lot populated by thousands of excited fans; yes, tailgate city. We’ll need disposable or compostable cups for this. And Tabasco, Louisiana’s culinary curative. We use Chipotle for smokiness; feel free to bring your own spice.

Tailgate tailgate vert cropped
Dash Chipotle Tabasco
1 ounce rye
Ice cold beer with good hoppy flavor

Put a dash of Tabasco in a plastic cup, add rye and pour in the beer. No swizzle stick, no garnish. Just hand over the burger, please. It’s summer, so keep extra ice on hand.

Tasting notes: Great BarBQ companion, a smokey, saucy, fresh beer attitude. Drink it cold.

Tomorrow: Two lanes

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