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Leading Role, post Oscar cocktail

“And the winner is . . .” Here’s a late (and final) entry for our round of 2014 Oscar cocktails. The ingredient list was an idea from one of our twitter followers, @MBennett117. Kraken is a very dark rum loaded with cinnamon and ginger; like an Oscar winner in a supporting role, the Kraken brings […]


Scam I Am, Oscars cocktail

“American Hustle,” a story of a government scam, is up for a Best Picture Oscar. While the drink’s name might evoke memories of Dr. Seuss, this is not a chidren’s story. The use of Goldschläger, with its cinnamon bite and flakes of real gold, plus and sparkling wine, makes this an adult con. Scam I […]


Release, Oscar cocktail

Among the Oscar nominated films this year is “12 Years a Slave,” the fact-based story of a free African-American kidnapped and sold into slavery in the 1830s. This drink combines bourbon and Amarula Cream Liqueur, which uses cream and the fermented juice of the South African marula fruit for its distinctive flavor. Shake this thoroughly […]


B Movie, Oscars cocktail

Leading up to Sunday’s Oscars awards, it’s time to celebrate those films completely undeserving of recognition but belonging to a classic cinematic class: The B Movie. The star of this drink is a rosé flavored vermouth; gin and cream de banana (What?) are cast in supporting roles. B Movie 2 ounces Lillet Rose 1/2 ounce […]


Frisco Sour, shaken cocktail

If you live in San Francisco, Frisco is a town in Texas or Colorado. San Franciscans often refer to their hometown as “The City” because, as only they seem to know, there is no other. But they still might like this dressed up version of a whiskey sour, posted this week in honor of Oscar-nominated […]