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Gratitude, Thanksgiving cocktail

There’ll be wine with the holiday bird and its surrounding trimmings, but how about a drink to get us ready for the feast? Reminiscent of an Old Fashioned, this has been tailored to capture flavors in the meal about to weigh down the table. The ingredients blend tart, spicy, sweet, bitter, warm, and cool, bringing […]


Whiskey Nimbus, bourbon cocktail

At Dishoom, an incredibly popular Indian restaurant in London, one of the house drinks is a foamy version of an Old-Fashioned. We had it with a basket of the deep-fried okra, a house speciality. The egg white foam softens the drink and balances out the simple syrup. Whiskey Nimbus 2 ounces of bourbon 1 egg white […]


New Moon, Moonshine cocktail

Moonshine, even the best of it, provides today’s cocktail makers with the same challenges Prohibition era bartenders faced: How to compound a drink both masking and revealing an un-aged spirit. We’ve done this with a martini approach, using a touch of cucumber, and a flavorful and chewable mint garnish. New Moon  1 1/2 ounces moonshine […]


Vina, wine cocktail

This wine-based cocktail is adapted from a similar basil-flavored recipe used during London Cocktail Week at the Balfour Bar at St. Bart’s Brewery in London’s Clerkenwell District. Our version offers an easy low-alcohol drink, the combination of basil, almond syrup and soda providing a light refreshing sip with good bar food. Vina 2 ounces red […]


Boo!, red wine cocktail

Halloween has become a holiday of such popularity it seems to outsell Christmas in decorating costs. Lawns of inflated ghosts and huge animals; more witches and wizards than a Hogwarts reunion; and tons of candy to hauled away by the young. In the midst of all this hysteria, here’s a themed drink to celebrate getting […]


Orange Mojo, vodka cocktail

It is hard to watch a team falter. We refer here to the early innings of Game 6, 2014 World Series. The San Francisco Giants aren’t pitching, fielding, or batting well. Kansas City Royals playing hard, pushing hard, are up 8-0 and it’s only the 4th. As long time San Franciscans this is a time for […]


Blimey, Scotch cocktail

Blimey. There’s a word we may want to practice using this weekend as American football comes to London for the second time this season. The Atlanta Falcons face the Detroit Lions today. The Dallas Cowboys play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Nov. 9. All the games will be played at Wembley Stadium, where the […]


London SE4, gin cocktail

For those wondering about the names of recipes from London Cocktail Week, let us explain: We’re using the Royal Mail postal codes for London, a nod to all things English. Our creation today uses an unusual product, malt extract, as a rim garnish. Some very delightful people from Muntons, manufactures of malt used in brewing […]


London NW3, rum cocktail

London Cocktail Week is producing some interesting conversation around taste and technique. While having a nicely balanced red wine and mint concoction at St. Bart’s, a pub and cocktail bar in Central London, we had the idea of coating a glass rim for this drink using a dark rum, bolstered by a touch of brandy […]


London S2, tequila cocktail

We hit the ground running for London Cocktail Week yesterday by doing a short-cut black currant and rosemary shrub to flavor this beautifully purple-hued drink. Then it was off to the Tower of London for a glimpse of the World War I memorial honoring the British dead of the battles fought between 1914 and 1918. This […]


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