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Hackensack, Super site cocktail

From New York, you have to cross the Hackensack River in New Jersey to reach MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XXXVIII. This cocktail celebrates the Garden State, home to the Statue of Liberty, and half of the hosting committee for professional football’s ultimate game. Hackensack 1 1/2 ounce rye 1/2 ounce triple sec 1/2 ounce […]


Pigskin Widow, football cocktail

History and professional sports are framed by its widows. The French Veuve Clicquot, who lent her name to the renowned Champagne, is an example for those who suffer a beloved’s seemingly senseless focus on American football. As that French widow is believed to have said: “When in doubt, open Champagne.” Wisdom for the ages. Here’s […]


Keystone, cocktail contest entry

This drink is My Daily Cocktails’ entry in the annual San Antonio Cocktail Conference. The recipe includes a custom-made grapefruit-tarragon flavored bitters, developed specifically for the competition. The Canadian whiskey and Lillet Rosé were chosen from the list of ingredients provided by William Grant & Sons, a conference sponsor. Keystone 2 ounces Gibson’s Canadian whiskey 1 […]


Pacific Rim’d, NFC Championship Cocktail

By popular demand: Crackling along the Northern Pacific, past the western mountains, lives the rivalry of San Francisco and Seattle. Twins in many ways, the jostling between the City and her northern sibling boils over on the football field. Bridge the difference between “twinemies” and celebrate their gridiron face-off today for the NFC title: mix […]


No way, Rosé – a wine-based cocktail

The stretch of spirits-driven winter holidays are almost over. Time to rescue a half-consumed bottle of dry Rosé in the back of the fridge. This light cocktail marries the wine and vermouth with a touch of black currant liquor and a tangy hint of citrus. Our large, ice-filled drink pairs well with sitting and reclining. […]


Soltini, a gin cocktail

Take dry and cold, add tart and sweet, and voila! The Soltini. This gin-based cocktail starts out like a dry martini, then adds sunny fresh lemon and grenadine to smooth the ingredients into harmony. Refreshing zesty flavors overlay the traditional martini base. Like our Twitter handle, this cocktail is both shaken and stirred. Soltini 1 […]


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