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Final Four, NCAA flex cocktail

Designed to give Final Four (men’s and women’s) fans a choice, this NCAA flex cocktail is based on a citrus-pineapple mix with a bright note from some Aperol, a Campari-like bitter, and a light zing from poblano pepper. Make the mix and then take your pick: gin; tequila; vodka; or light rum, depending on which […]


CM & E, mocktail

This tangy fruit potion is offered as tribute to young friends in San Francisco who never fail to ask adults who are about to shake and pour: “Will there be mocktails?” This drink is served in an adult container. “Kids? Be careful of the glass, please.” Note: There’s an alcoholic version of this for adult […]


Red Apple Sunset, mocktail

Not drinking alcohol? But want to hold a glass that looks like you are? Here’s a colorful yet simple two-juice mocktail served up in a cocktail glass. All around you they will be asking: “That looks very good. What’s in it?” Just smile back over the rim of the glass. Red Apple Sunset 2 ounces […]