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Celebration Punch, Mother’s Day cocktail

Happy Mother’s Day. We offer a light, sparkling wine punch for the celebration. Please note: you should make the special ice first thing in the morning, though you can use regular ice cubes. There is a non-alcoholic version of the punch below. Celebration Punch 1 cup orange juice 1 cup water 1 bottle chilled Champagne […]


Cinco, Mexico celebration cocktail

History lesson: Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican national independence day. That falls on September 16 and it’s called Grito de Dolores. On May 5th Mexicans celebrate the 1862 battle at Puebla when the Mexican army beat the French. Class dismissed. Our cocktail mixes the white, red and green of Mexico’s flag and into a […]


Tipperary, Irish cocktail

It is time to tip the hat to the Irish and their patron Saint Patrick. Legend has it he brought the Spirit — Christianity — to Ireland and then chased the snakes off the island. He didn’t invent Irish whiskey but without the snakes to worry them the Irish had more time to enjoy this […]