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Competition, gin cocktail

The things you do for and with friends are often the best of times. We gather every now and then with friends in friendly competition to see who makes the best pizza, lasagna, dessert, or just to share a meal with one couple bringing a drink, another the salad, and someone else doing an entree. […]


Son of a Beach, rum cocktail

We hope many of you will recognize this delemma. It’s the last day at the rented beach house. There’s time for an easy breakfast and cleanup before heading out. But what to do with the leftover odds and ends? The ingredients below were our leftovers, plus some Railean Reserve XO Rum and a few ounces […]


Bourbles, bourbon cocktail

We conclude this week’s focus on America’s own spirit with some bourbon for brunch. Depending on the desire for more sweetness in the drink, slightly increase the dosage of Southern Comfort. The mix of bourbon and bubbles goes well with meat heavy brunch menus, and serves 6 plus. Bourbles 1 bottle of sparkling wine, cava […]


Cobra Kai Mai Tai, rum cocktail

From Lights Camera Booze, by Kourtney Jason and Lauren Metz, comes this straight-forward tiki class cocktail. As the book’s title suggests this is a volume of movie-themed drinking games, promising hours of adult and alcoholic fun. Cobra Kai Mai Tai is the consumable for “The Karate Kid.” The recipe makes 4 drinks. Ready, Daniel-san? Cobra […]


Brunch Cup, chardonnay cocktail

Chardonnay lovers, here is your cocktail. An excellent celebration or brunch punch, this recipe should be made about 30 minutes before serving. Add the ice just before serving, but long enough ahead to chill the mixture. You’ll need a moderately priced bottle of chardonnay and some sparkling wine or champagne made from chardonnay. The recipe […]


Strawberry sparkle, shrub cocktail

Here’s a nice brunch or pre-dinner sparkling cocktail. It is our first recipe using a home-made Strawberry Shrub. The key to this drink is making sure the glass, shrub and sparkling wine or champagne are cold. Pouring the sparkling wine slowly prevents it from foaming over the top of the glass. Strawberry Sparkle 1/2 ounce […]


Tio Siete, tequila cocktail

Here’s a weekend brunch drink incorporating a little peppery heat, a dose of seasonal citrus, some tequila, and an English gin-based, herb-infused “Cup.” The jalapeno pepper used here is on mid to higher heat scale. This drink should strike the right note with huevos de ranchero. Serves 6. Tio Siete 1 jalapeno chile, stemmed, seeded […]


Bocce Ball, amaretto cocktail

The almond flavor of amaretto liqueur mixes surprisingly well with citrus. The Amaretto Sour, posted earlier this year, uses lemon and offers a bracing version of a sour cocktail. Orange juice in this recipe creates sweeter tones and the soda water makes it a longer drink. Bocce Ball 2 ounces amaretto 4 ounces fresh orange […]


Acapulco, frothy highball cocktail

This drink calls for two rounds of vigorous shaking. The first shake, without ice, helps foam the egg white and combine the ingredients. The second shake, with the added ice, builds more foam and chills the mix. Acapulco 2 ounces light rum 1/2 ounce triple sec 1/2 ounce lime juice 1 teaspoon simple syrup 1 […]


Florida Express, rye cocktail

We had an overstock of fresh orange juice the other day and, while it goes well for breakfast, we decided to balance it with some rye whiskey and tone it with Angostura bitters. After a few tastes we decided it, too, could go on the breakfast menu. A not-from-concentrate orange juice will also work. Florida […]


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