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Concorde, a cocktail before you arrive

Aviation week concludes with: Concorde. Oh, the days of the super-sonic Concorde which arrived before it left, or seemed to. It was a singular form of air travel noted as much for the food and drink served in-flight as for the plane’s speed. Chill your sparkler icy cold, and enjoy the lively mixture of bubble, tart […]


Layover, a cancellation cocktail

Aviation week continues with the Layover. When your flight is cancelled, what’s a traveler to do? We suggest finding a tavern where they have these ingredients and a bar bender willing to mix them for you. Oh, and grab some dark chocolate at the airpot to drop in the drink after it’s prepared. This recipe serves […]


Wheels Up or Wheels Down – holiday cocktail combo

Aviation Week continues with Wheels Up! and Wheels Down. The holiday travel cocktail repertoire needs a mix offering a quick and easy variation for the non-drinker or designated driver. We’re opting this year for a vodka-based citrus drink, Wheels Up, in which an adjustment of the citrus juices can replace the alcohol, Wheels Down, without […]


Dirigible, a cocktail for light-than-air travel

Aviation week continues with the Dirigible. Travel by lighter-than-air Zeppelins never returned to its pre-World War II fashion. Yet a dirigible crossing the Atlantic at 70-mph between Europe and Brazil in the late ‘20s and ‘30s would have given passengers plenty of time for a cocktail for two. Something light and airy seems the ticket […]


Three Across – Holiday travel cocktail

Aviation week continues with Three Across The reference here is to airline seating, not a crossword puzzle. This is a drink taken after one of those long flights where you ended up in the middle of three across. The passenger in the aisle seat falls asleep with his head on your shoulder; the guy near […]


Andes Air, a foamy flight

Aviation week continues with Andes Air Each side of South America produces a spirit for mixed drinks. To the west there is pisco, a grape distillate; on the east side is cachaca, distilled from fermented sugar cane juice. Cachaca is our hero today in a foamy blend with citrus and a touch of sweetness. Andes […]


Aviation, a cocktail with wings

Aviation Week 2013, saluting holiday travelers Let us start this week-long tribute to those marvelous women and men in their flying machines (and to those of us about to fly for the holidays) with this aptly named variation on a gin sour: the Aviation. The drink was created in New York City in the early […]


Blue Train No. 2, a traveling cocktail

Blue Train No 2 launches Aviation Week, which runs (or flies) through next Sunday, in honor of holiday travelers. There are at least two internationally known Blue Trains in the world. One is in South Africa; the other in France. The cocktail offered here is associated with France’s Blue Train. While the train stopped stopped […]