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Texas Fashion, bourbon cocktail

Here’s a tribute to Texas spirit makers on the occasion of this weekend’s 2015 Houston Whiskey Festival. Not all the whiskey poured will be Texican, but we are using one that is — Yellow Rose Double Barrel, a bourbon aged first in new oak and then finished in wine barrels. The two-step aging adds a […]


Aruba, island cocktail

Part of the Dutch Antilles, Aruba is tucked away in the Southern Caribbean just 17 miles off the Venezuelan coast. It is ringed with beautiful beaches and is a major stopping port for cruise ships. The website Visit Aruba has a list of the island’s better known cocktails. This one isn’t on that list. Aruba […]


Spasibo, Martini Monday cocktail

Spasibo launches our Martini Monday line of classic and original Martini cocktails with ingredients for the Millennium. Today is an original: instead of vermouth, we’re using Tuaca, an Italian liqueur with citrus and almond flavors. Though still the same recipe, Tuaca is now distilled in Louisville, Kentucky. The drink’s title, Russian for thanks, looks ahead […]