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London EC2A 4QW

More than 250 pubs, bars and cocktail lounges participating in London Cocktail Week. Each one has created a special drink. Perhaps the smallest of the participants is Casita, tucked into Ravey Street in the city’s Shoreditch neighborhood. Despite the tiny space, Casita is offering two special drinks this week. Here’s a riff on one, El […]


London S2, tequila cocktail

We hit the ground running for London Cocktail Week yesterday by doing a short-cut black currant and rosemary shrub to flavor this beautifully purple-hued drink. Then it was off to the Tower of London for a glimpse of the World War I memorial honoring the British dead of the battles fought between 1914 and 1918. This […]


Bay Pirate, tequila cocktail

San Leon, a small community on Galveston Bay in Texas, was a pirate hangout back about 200 years ago. Today, the town is home to a flock of monk parakeets and Railean Distillers, producers of rum and agave spirits. We pulled all this into a drink incorporating both spirits and large splashes of fresh juices. […]


Red Lead, tequila cocktail

Red lead is used as a the pigment in rust-proofing primer paints. This drink takes its name from the color, not the lead. The drink’s color is from hibiscus-infused tequila (see recipe below), a quick method to bring floral character and deep hue to the agave spirit. Red Lead 6 ounces hibiscus tequila 1 ounce […]


Agave Afternoon, tequila cocktail

This seems at first glance an odd mix but what makes it work is the splash of Campari bitters, the Italian elixir, the hinge, if you will, on which the ginger ale and tequila swing. Remove the tequila, and use, instead, a 1/2 ounce of lime juice, and you have a refreshing low-alcohol drink. Massacre […]


What’s Up?, tequila cocktail

Bugs Bunny never showed fear on screen. He calmly chomped a carrot when staring down shotgun-toting nemesis Elmer Fudd. But off camera, the famous toon hare was a rumored coffee-drinking, tequila swilling Hollywood denizen who, after a few of these cocktails, dug up his neighbors’ vegetable gardens. What’s Up 2 ounces tequila 1/2 ounce Kahlua […]


Tequila Punch, tequila cocktail

It is National Tequila Day. And in case you are wondering why tequila, a spirit from Mexico, is honored in the U.S., the reason is simple: After Mexico, we consume more tequila than any other country. Last year, Americans drank more than 13.5 million gallons of tequila. That’s more than 75 percent of Mexico’s total […]


Lavender Hill, last minute cocktail

So, there you are: They just called and they’re coming over for a drink; there’s almost nothing left in the house, liquor cabinet or refrigerator after the weekend’s rush of mixin’ and fixin’. Do not despair! Here’s something you can put together in a flash with what’s around the place. And as you pour it […]


Tio Siete, tequila cocktail

Here’s a weekend brunch drink incorporating a little peppery heat, a dose of seasonal citrus, some tequila, and an English gin-based, herb-infused “Cup.” The jalapeno pepper used here is on mid to higher heat scale. This drink should strike the right note with huevos de ranchero. Serves 6. Tio Siete 1 jalapeno chile, stemmed, seeded […]


Halo, hibiscus tequila cocktail

First, make some chopped avocado. Add a touch of salt and the juice of 1/2 lime per avocado. Stir it up, but keep it chunky. Set out a bowl of tortilla chips. Now let’s make the drink. This brightly-colored mix uses an easy-to-make hibiscus infused tequila. (See below) Halo hibiscus tequila lime juice agave nectar […]


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