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French 75, Anniversary cocktail

(A year ago, we launched our site with this cocktail, a lovely integration of bubbles, gin, citrus, and a touch of syrup. We’ll gather the ingredients tonight for a celebration.) The French 75 was the first in a series of drinks named after military artillery pieces. This caliber of cannon saw service with American soldiers […]


Gu Brath, Scotch cocktail

In the U.S., you can not buy or consume alcoholic beverages until you are 21; but you can vote when you’re 18. In Scotland, where they will vote on independence today, you can buy and drink beer, wine or cider and vote at 16. In celebration of which, and with apologies in advance, we offer […]


Bourbles, bourbon cocktail

We conclude this week’s focus on America’s own spirit with some bourbon for brunch. Depending on the desire for more sweetness in the drink, slightly increase the dosage of Southern Comfort. The mix of bourbon and bubbles goes well with meat heavy brunch menus, and serves 6 plus. Bourbles 1 bottle of sparkling wine, cava […]


Brunch Cup, chardonnay cocktail

Chardonnay lovers, here is your cocktail. An excellent celebration or brunch punch, this recipe should be made about 30 minutes before serving. Add the ice just before serving, but long enough ahead to chill the mixture. You’ll need a moderately priced bottle of chardonnay and some sparkling wine or champagne made from chardonnay. The recipe […]


Celebration Punch, Mother’s Day cocktail

Happy Mother’s Day. We offer a light, sparkling wine punch for the celebration. Please note: you should make the special ice first thing in the morning, though you can use regular ice cubes. There is a non-alcoholic version of the punch below. Celebration Punch 1 cup orange juice 1 cup water 1 bottle chilled Champagne […]


Scam I Am, Oscars cocktail

“American Hustle,” a story of a government scam, is up for a Best Picture Oscar. While the drink’s name might evoke memories of Dr. Seuss, this is not a chidren’s story. The use of Goldschl√§ger, with its cinnamon bite and flakes of real gold, plus and sparkling wine, makes this an adult con. Scam I […]


Monkey C, brunch cocktail

Creme de banana liqueur has a yellow color that makes you shudder, but used moderately, with citrus and sparkling wine, it provides an extremely pleasant fruit note to this new addition on the Sunday brunch drink list. Cara cara oranges have a deeper color and stronger flavor than plain navel oranges. Monkey C 1 1/2 […]