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Pisco Kid, pisco cocktail

The¬†pomace brandy called Pisco — a distillate cooked off fermented grape stems, skins and seeds — from Peru and Chile is a growing favorite on the cocktail spirits list. There are a number of bars across the country focusing on Pisco, shaking and stirring it into customer delights. We’re adding our effort to the list […]


Phoenix, pisco cocktail

The World Cup is over. Germany has marched home victorious. Brazilians are still in shock. And we’re left with a back bar litter of South American spirits, dribs and drabs of liqueurs, and a bowl of fruit. Then comes an idea and, lo, from the ashes rises this drink for two. Phoenix 4 ounces pisco […]


Fresa Andina, pisco cocktail

We return now to South America, scene of the 2014 World Cup. This time we peer west over the Andes to Peru, home of pisco. The food markets seem well stocked this year with reasonably-priced strawberries from Mexico and California. In the name of frugality therefore, we have created this summer and soccer tribute. Fresa […]


Yellow Card, World Cup cocktail

Here’s something for first time viewers of the World Cup soccer matches. A yellow card is held up by the referee when a player is cautioned for breaking the rules. The ref writes the player’s name and number in a small notebook. Well, ref, we don’t know if we should be cautioned, but you’re free […]


Fresa Collins, pisco cocktail

In Spanish fresa means strawberry. This fruit-laden tall cocktail is an adaptation from a list of drinks on the container of bottle of Capel Pisco. A spirit distilled from grapes, pisco belongs in the brandy family and pairs well with tangy citrus and sweeter fruit. Fresa Collins 2 ounces pisco 1 ounce pineappple juioce 1/2 […]


Final Four, NCAA flex cocktail

Designed to give Final Four (men’s and women’s) fans a choice, this NCAA flex cocktail is based on a citrus-pineapple mix with a bright note from some Aperol, a Campari-like bitter, and a light zing from poblano pepper. Make the mix and then take your pick: gin; tequila; vodka; or light rum, depending on which […]


Tick Tick, pisco cocktail

This is a riff on the Waterbury Cocktail, a tribute to the Connecticut town once home to Timex watches. We’ve called in pisco to replace the original brandy because the rest of the ingredients reminded us of the Pisco Sour. As with many cocktails using egg white, we recommend shaking the ingredients well before adding […]


Pisco Pineapple Punch, 1-2-3 cocktail

There are a number of cocktails using pisco, the brandy common to western South America. Pisco has a sharper taste than most drinkers’ idea of brandy. To tame that, many recipes, like this one, toss sweet and sour into the mix to get pisco to the party. Pisco Pineapple Punch 1 1/2 ounces pisco 1 […]