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Bay Breeze, vodka cocktail

This drink can be made with gin or orange-flavored vodka. It’s a long sipper, designed for sitting in a comfortable patio chair, eyes half closed, listening to the soft summer breeze rustle the tree leaves. In other words, a pastoral cocktail. Bay Breeze 1 ounce vodka 2 ounces pineapple juice 2 ounces cranberry juice Pour […]


CM & E, mocktail

This tangy fruit potion is offered as tribute to young friends in San Francisco who never fail to ask adults who are about to shake and pour: “Will there be mocktails?” This drink is served in an adult container. “Kids? Be careful of the glass, please.” Note: There’s an alcoholic version of this for adult […]


Wanganui Punch, downunder cocktail

Often called the Chinese gooseberry, the first kiwifruit plants were introduced to New Zealand more than 100 years ago by Mary Isabel Fraser, the principal of Wanganui Girls’ College. We honor her contribution to this drink by naming it after the school on New Zealand’s north island. The spirit bases are both produced from sugar […]


Red Apple Sunset, mocktail

Not drinking alcohol? But want to hold a glass that looks like you are? Here’s a colorful yet simple two-juice mocktail served up in a cocktail glass. All around you they will be asking: “That looks very good. What’s in it?” Just smile back over the rim of the glass. Red Apple Sunset 2 ounces […]


Roy Rogers, a mocktail for all

The non-alcoholic Shirley Temple was, in an more sexist age, the mocktail of girls. The Roy Rogers, which substitutes cola for ginger ale, was a drink for boys. One hopes we have reached an age where the color of your cola is no longer a classification of gender. Roy Rogers 1 1/2 teaspoon grenadine Chilled […]


Touch Down, Super Bowl cocktail punch

Super Bowl Sunday is a uniquely American celebration, and our original MDC cocktail punch appropriately features a uniquely American liquor first distilled in Monmouth, New Jersey: Laird’s Applejack. If Laird’s is not available. you can substitute another applejack brandy. We’ve served this punch to wide acclaim. Below is the pitcher recipe, serving twelve, and the […]


Mango Morning, a holiday starter

A sip of sparkling wine, dressed with bitters and a little tropical fruit, seems a fit and indulgent drink for the holiday morning. The bags of cubed mango in the grocery freezer is a great substitute for a fresh mango. This recipe should serve 8. A non-alcoholic version, Mango Mocktail, substitutes sparkling cider for the […]


Wheels Up or Wheels Down – holiday cocktail combo

Aviation Week continues with Wheels Up! and Wheels Down. The holiday travel cocktail repertoire needs a mix offering a quick and easy variation for the non-drinker or designated driver. We’re opting this year for a vodka-based citrus drink, Wheels Up, in which an adjustment of the citrus juices can replace the alcohol, Wheels Down, without […]


Egg Nog – A traditional holiday cocktail

With it’s blending of eggs and whipping of egg whites and cream, there is a resemblance to a baking recipe in this libation. There’s work to make Egg Nog, so set aside some time. For a faster version: if two or three people divide up the preparation, it comes together quickly and easily. The key […]


Dragnet, a Friday cocktail

My name’s Friday, I’m a cop… Even old TV shows get a nod in the cocktail world (but forget about the movie version!). This combination stars Brazil’s national spirit, cachaca, a distillate based on sugar cane syrup. To match it, look for some not-from-concentrate red grape juice. Dragnet 2 ounces cachaca 2 ounces unsweetened red […]


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