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Red Glare, bourbon cocktail

What is the right alcoholic drink for the Fourth of July? Beer, certainly; even California white wine. But which distilled spirit? We decided to cast our vote for bourbon and, ta da, red limeade. (Maestro, please, a couple of bars of the Star Spangled Banner.) This is designed to be served during the after-dusk fireworks. […]


Maraca, tequila cocktail

This drink, which means rattle in Spanish, gets its name from the sound made by the ice as the cocktail is shaken. It is best made with white tequila and recipes vary the amounts of pineapple and grenadine. We’ve adjusted to a less sweet mix by reducing the grenadine by half. This tequila cocktail enjoys […]


Red Moon, eclipse cocktail

This celebrates the recent Red Moon eclipse. We witnessed it from a tall spot in Texas, and decided to use Texas Orange vodka from Dripping Springs Distillery as the spirit base for the drink. The hibiscus-flavored vodka, see below, is a easy recipe — if you can find dried hibiscus blossoms. Red Moon 1 1/2 […]


Cinco, Mexico celebration cocktail

History lesson: Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican national independence day. That falls on September 16 and it’s called Grito de Dolores. On May 5th Mexicans celebrate the 1862 battle at Puebla when the Mexican army beat the French. Class dismissed. Our cocktail mixes the white, red and green of Mexico’s flag and into a […]


Ahoy, navy gin cocktail

On the south side of Austin, Texas, the folks at Genius Distiller ferment sugar and from it distill two styles of gin. One is a 114-proof “Navy Strength.” The higher alcohol level in this gin pushes the aromas of juniper and other botanical flavors and also inspired the drink’s name. Originally, we used lime juice, […]