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New Groany, Negroni cocktail

Here’s our final entry for this year’s Negroni Week. Treaty Oak Distilling in Austin, Texas, has taken their highly aromatic gin, barrel aged it in separate batches between 1 to 2 years, blended it and bottled it as Waterloo Antique Gin. This smooth aromatic gin, combined with Fernet Branca — as substitute for sweet vermouth […]


Allies, a D-Day cocktail

Here’s a cocktail effort to honor the Allis of World War II. Odd how Prohibition and world wars contribute so much to naming cocktails. A first reading of the ingredients would seem to place the finished mix in a stemmed cocktail glass, instead of an old-fashioned glass, but the deeper glass allows serving it over […]


Negroni, classical cocktail

Here is the second drink for the Imbibe magazine and Campari sponsored Negroni Week. Though this might be the standard Negroni, even it has variables. We’ve used the highly aromatic, 114-proof Genius Navy Strength Gin. You can serve this in a cocktail glass or over ice in an old-fashioned glass. You also can go with […]


Say what? Negroni Week cocktailtini

Welcome to Negroni Week, a celebration of the gin, Campari and sweet vermouth cocktail created more than 100 years ago. During this week we’ll offer different riffs on the traditional drink, and other Campari-influenced cocktails. To start, we’re going for something completely different — a martini-like recipe. We used Moody June gin from Bone Spirits […]


Negroni Week GVCO

Imbibe magazine and Campari kick off their jointly-sponsored Negroni Week, June 2-8, 2014. Learn more about it below and also on our Bar Talk blog. This preview of coming attractions is a riff on the classic Campari cocktail, the Negroni. The name GVCO is an anagram of this version’s four ingredients: G for gin, V […]


Jewel of the Nile, Chartreuse cocktail

The real secret of this cocktail lies in the two different Chartreuse liqueurs. Other than color, another difference is that the yellow Chartreuse is sweeter and less peppery than its older, green brother. Shaking adds fine air bubbles, smoothing the flavors. Jewel of the Nile 1 1/2 ounces gin 1/2 ounce Green Chartreuse 1/2 ounce […]


Gimlet, gin cocktail

There are more ways to make a Gimlet than this recipe. Probably the only thing really true about this classic is that everybody seems to vary the proportions, the spirit (vodka for gin), and the amount of lime juice. Our offering is basic and should be viewed as a starting point for a classic sharp, […]


London Town, maraschino cocktail

While this is a popular cocktail in (dare we say) gin-sodden London, we’ve chosen Texas-made Moody June gin from Bone Spirits for this classic. The limited ingredients, method of making the drink, and its light color qualify it for our Martini Monday. London Town 1 1/2 ounces gin 1/2 maraschino liqueur 2 dashes orange bitters […]


Gin Mickey, summer cocktail

This is a riff on the Gin Rickey, a cocktail using lime and gin originally created in Washington, D.C., during the late 1800s. In continuing recognition of the lime crisis, we have renamed and reworked this drink with mandarin and gin. You can, as with any rickey, substitute the spirit. Gin Mickey 2 ounces of […]


Oklahoma, maraschino cocktail

Maraschino liqueur provides a tincture of cherry fruit and almond-like flavor in cocktails. This drinks’s name refers to a variation of gin rummy, not to the state. It is a gin drinkers’ cocktail and goes well while playing the cards. Oklahoma 1 1/2 ounces dry gin 1 ounce grape juice, unsweetened 1/2 ounce maraschino liqueur […]


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