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Napoleon I, gin cocktail

Let us pause today to remember the most famous Corsican, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, creator of the Napoleonic Code, and, of course, the Napoleonic Wars. Not to sure how gin, an English tipple, wandered into this recipe, but the French-made Dubonnet Rouge makes up for that. Napoleon I 2 ounces of dry gin […]


Yale, gin cocktail

Spirits, collegiate and alcoholic, seem to go together. This cocktail, named after Yale University, is a return — almost — to the 1890s. The original recipe called for Creme Yvette, a liqueur flavored with violet petals and berries, and originally made in Connecticut. Production stopped in 1969 and was restarted in 2009. We’ve substituted Chambord, […]


Florious, gin cocktail

This is a slight adaption of the Flora Dora cocktail recipe on the Hendrick’s Gin site, which, it appears, also features all the graphic bits leftover from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” Hendrick’s Gin, distilled in Scotland, is noted for its rose petal and cucumber flavorings. We’ve replaced raspberry syrup with a raspberry shrub and the […]


Hanky Panky, gin cocktail

A Prohibition-Era creation, this drink was first mixed by Ada Coleman, the first female head bartender at London’s Savoy Hotel. It has been adapted by the Gin Foundry in London, a company organizing gin-related events and offering, on their site, an array of cocktails and ginews. Hanky Panky 1 ounce gin 1 ounce sweet vermouth […]


My Gin, #TBT cocktail

We’re doing a Throw Back Thursday to My Gin (with apologies to Lanvin). And we’re sticking with Waterloo Gin, from Treaty Oaks Distilling Co., Austin, TX. They wrap hints of rosemary, grapefruit and lavender around the central juniper flavor. My Gin 1 1/2 ounces Waterloo Gin 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice 2 ripe strawberries Slice […]


Melon, gin cocktail

So, where’e the melon? In the name only. There’s no Midori Melon Liqueur. The idea was to create a melon-like flavor using the maraschino and lemon. The cherry garnish seems an odd note. Maybe the question is not about the lack of melon, but why is there a cherry in my drink? Melon 2 ounces […]


Navy Gimlet, lime cocktail

Here’s a drink named for a small tool used for boring holes or a British naval physician who saw how lime juice prevented scurvy. The original recipes called for almost equal parts dry gin and sweetened lime juice. Over time the gimlet has become less sweet, almost a summer cooler. Our version adds a splash […]


Lavender Hill, last minute cocktail

So, there you are: They just called and they’re coming over for a drink; there’s almost nothing left in the house, liquor cabinet or refrigerator after the weekend’s rush of mixin’ and fixin’. Do not despair! Here’s something you can put together in a flash with what’s around the place. And as you pour it […]


Gin Mill, gin cocktail

We’ve dispatched our international representative to London this week to sample a few gin-based cocktails. A Basil Smash or Red Snapper, which we found on the Gin Foundry site. We’ll also send along this recipe and a bottle of Waterloo Antique, the barrel-aged gin from Treaty Oak Distilling in Austin, Texas. Gin Mill 2 ounces […]


Gibson, martini cocktail

The first time I ordered a Gibson was in a bar in New York. It was served in a larger-than-normal martini glass and garnished with a single cocktail onion. A few minutes later, another customer walked in and ordered a Gibson. The bartender served him a glass garnished with 3 onions. “Why does he get […]


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