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Blimey, Scotch cocktail

Blimey. There’s a word we may want to practice using this weekend as American football comes to London for the second time this season. The Atlanta Falcons face the Detroit Lions today. The Dallas Cowboys play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Nov. 9. All the games will be played at Wembley Stadium, where the […]


Vermouth Cassis, vermouth cocktail

I drank my first Vermouth Cassis at an outdoor table in a small Paris restaurant. It was a warm summer evening, the light was almost gone, and the menu promised rosemary roasted chicken. Vermouth Cassis was and is a perfect and simple drink for savoring such before-dinner moments. Vermouth Cassis 1 1/2 ounces dry vermouth […]


Bayou Flyer, tributary cocktail

One difference between Louisianans and Texans (and there are so many) is how they pronounce bayou. Is it “buy-you” or “buy-oh?” It’s always best to ask if you are not sure. But do be sure to make this Bayou Flyer with a lighter style bourbon whether you’re on the east or west side of the […]