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Blue Train, New Year’s Eve Cocktail

A toast to 2014, before we turn our thoughts to what’s new and next. For our final cocktail of the year, a riff on a fortified champagne or sparkler. Blue Train, narrow gauge 1/2 ounce brandy 1/2 ounce pineapple juice Chilled dry sparkling wine or Champagne Chill a martini or large coupe glass. Pour brandy […]


French 75, Anniversary cocktail

(A year ago, we launched our site with this cocktail, a lovely integration of bubbles, gin, citrus, and a touch of syrup. We’ll gather the ingredients tonight for a celebration.) The French 75 was the first in a series of drinks named after military artillery pieces. This caliber of cannon saw service with American soldiers […]


Strawberry sparkle, shrub cocktail

Here’s a nice brunch or pre-dinner sparkling cocktail. It is our first recipe using a home-made Strawberry Shrub. The key to this drink is making sure the glass, shrub and sparkling wine or champagne are cold. Pouring the sparkling wine slowly prevents it from foaming over the top of the glass. Strawberry Sparkle 1/2 ounce […]


Bellini, sparkler cocktail

Here’s a drink with clear provenance. Guiseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar in Venice named this fresh fruit and sparkling wine mix for a 15th century Italian painter. It’s best made with white peaches, but a yellow peach gives equal flavor. This recipe serves 4. Bellini 1 large, ripe peach, peeled and pitted 1/4 ounce lemon […]


Celebration Punch, Mother’s Day cocktail

Happy Mother’s Day. We offer a light, sparkling wine punch for the celebration. Please note: you should make the special ice first thing in the morning, though you can use regular ice cubes. There is a non-alcoholic version of the punch below. Celebration Punch 1 cup orange juice 1 cup water 1 bottle chilled Champagne […]


Monkey C, brunch cocktail

Creme de banana liqueur has a yellow color that makes you shudder, but used moderately, with citrus and sparkling wine, it provides an extremely pleasant fruit note to this new addition on the Sunday brunch drink list. Cara cara oranges have a deeper color and stronger flavor than plain navel oranges. Monkey C 1 1/2 […]


Pacific Velvet, Seahawks cocktail

This is a revision of the famed Black Velvet, the original being a mixture of Guinness Stout and Champagne. Our version for the Super Bowl bound Seattle Seahawks throws a locally-sourced cast into the mix. We use Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut, a Columbia Valley sparkler, topped by Extra Stout from Seattle’s Pike Brewing Co. Make […]


Pigskin Widow, football cocktail

History and professional sports are framed by its widows. The French Veuve Clicquot, who lent her name to the renowned Champagne, is an example for those who suffer a beloved’s seemingly senseless focus on American football. As that French widow is believed to have said: “When in doubt, open Champagne.” Wisdom for the ages. Here’s […]


Epiphany, holiday sparkling cocktail

To end our run of Yule season drinks, here is reworking of a traditional Champagne cocktail incorporating a splash of Campari, a main-stay on the list of Italian-produced bitters. This variation with its dash of color keeps the holiday spirit bright. Epiphany Sugar cube Dash of Angostura Bitters Chilled dry Champagne or sparkling wine 1/2 […]


New Life, a revisionist cocktail

There is a standing sparkling cocktail served at Absinthe, a San Francisco bar and restaurant, called Death in the Afternoon. We have reworked it a smidgen and, as a drink to start 2014, also are renaming it. New Life 1/2 ounce pastis Chilled sparkling wine Lemon spiral Pour pastis into a chilled champagne flute or […]


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