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Under the Radar, bourbon cocktail

This comes under the heading of “when you have spirits, make a cocktail.” Replacement of a radar unit delayed our flight’s departure from Houston for London Cocktail Week. While waiting we read United’s Business First menu. Hey, we thought, let’s create a drink recipe from what’s onboard. Herewith the first of our truly airborne cocktails. […]


Ranger Rick

This recipe began with a taste of .36 Texas Bourbon Whiskey from Ranger Creek in San Antonio, a heady spirit with great barrel vanilla flavor. Ranger Creek, a brewery and distillery, also makes white whiskeys. Later, I stopped by an Ikea to purchase a shelving unit (yes, I had some problems with the assembly) and […]


Bride and Groom, wedding cocktails

It’s wedding season and we’re tripping joyfully over the invitations. We were asked to do a set of His and Her cocktails for one couple. The idea here is to make a base with the spirit, juices, and modifiers. Then pour a measured amount of the base over ice, top with a splash of soda […]


Texas Fashion, bourbon cocktail

Here’s a tribute to Texas spirit makers on the occasion of this weekend’s 2015 Houston Whiskey Festival. Not all the whiskey poured will be Texican, but we are using one that is — Yellow Rose Double Barrel, a bourbon aged first in new oak and then finished in wine barrels. The two-step aging adds a […]


Crescent Moon, moonshine cocktail

We’re having a hard time stepping away from moonshine-based drinks. There was a great deal of talk last year during London Cocktail Week by bartenders and spirit venders about coming trends. More cocktails, they said, will be based on clear or white spirits: tequila, gin, Ireland’s poitin, and America’s moonshine. Bartenders, in particular, see a […]


Black Friday, holiday cocktail

This smooth cocktail is designed to soothe stress and reflect on the possibility of a lovely day off. Serve it on the rocks, while you put up your feet and relax. Absolutely no shopping allowed. Black Friday 1 1/2 ounce bourbon 1 tablespoon Kahlua 1 tablespoon Southern Comfort 1 tablespoon heavy cream Combine all ingredients […]


Gratitude, Thanksgiving cocktail

There’ll be wine with the holiday bird and its surrounding trimmings, but how about a drink to get us ready for the feast? Reminiscent of an Old Fashioned, this has been tailored to capture flavors in the meal about to weigh down the table. The ingredients blend tart, spicy, sweet, bitter, warm, and cool, bringing […]


Whiskey Nimbus, bourbon cocktail

At Dishoom, an incredibly popular Indian restaurant in London, one of the house drinks is a foamy version of an Old-Fashioned. We had it with a basket of the deep-fried okra, a house speciality. The egg white foam softens the drink and balances out the simple syrup. Whiskey Nimbus 2 ounces of bourbon 1 egg white […]


Blimey, Scotch cocktail

Blimey. There’s a word we may want to practice using this weekend as American football comes to London for the second time this season. The Atlanta Falcons face the Detroit Lions today. The Dallas Cowboys play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Nov. 9. All the games will be played at Wembley Stadium, where the […]


Bourbonski. bourbon cocktail

Craft distilling is expanding rapidly and, it seems, globally. In the U.S., most major cities are home to small-scale pot or column still operations making unique gin, vodka, rum, and whiskey. This drink is in anticipation of craft whiskey distilling expansion into Poland. We see this as a “brown spirits” martini. Bourbonski  1 1\2 ounces […]


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