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Crescent Moon, moonshine cocktail

We’re having a hard time stepping away from moonshine-based drinks. There was a great deal of talk last year during London Cocktail Week by bartenders and spirit venders about coming trends. More cocktails, they said, will be based on clear or white spirits: tequila, gin, Ireland’s poitin, and America’s moonshine. Bartenders, in particular, see a […]


Show Me the Way, double cocktail

Tequila, in a cocktail, needs its sweet and tart companions to make it work. The Galliano steps in with the sweet, Aperol adds a touch of bitter and color, and grapefruit juice provides a citrus balance. While this drink is for two, the recipe can be multiplied for a large party gathered around bowls of […]


Say what? Negroni Week cocktailtini

Welcome to Negroni Week, a celebration of the gin, Campari and sweet vermouth cocktail created more than 100 years ago. During this week we’ll offer different riffs on the traditional drink, and other Campari-influenced cocktails. To start, we’re going for something completely different — a martini-like recipe. We used Moody June gin from Bone Spirits […]


Final Four, NCAA flex cocktail

Designed to give Final Four (men’s and women’s) fans a choice, this NCAA flex cocktail is based on a citrus-pineapple mix with a bright note from some Aperol, a Campari-like bitter, and a light zing from poblano pepper. Make the mix and then take your pick: gin; tequila; vodka; or light rum, depending on which […]


Figure 8, skater’s cocktail

It’s watching the icy expanse Olympic skaters go racing, spinning and twirling across that gave us an idea: Pour 2 ounces of water into a plastic martini glass and place it in the freezer overnight; before mixing the drink, take out the plastic glass and remove the cone-shaped ice; now pour the drink in the […]


J. Broz, Slivovitz cocktail

Marshall Tito, Yugoslavia’s long time leader until his death in 1980, was born Josep Broz. This cocktail uses slivovitz, a clear plum distillate from the Balkans and southeastern Europe. Slivovitz, on its own, is not easy medicine. It’s a bit harsh, but so was Tito. Like the former Yugoslavia, this cocktail is an amalgam. The […]