Stone Fence, scotch cocktail

This drink is from New York Bartender’s Guide by Sally Ann Berk, a wide ranging collection of cocktails from 17 New York bartenders. In a world constantly asking “Scotch? In a cocktail?” this may be an answer with the sweet, tang and carbonation of the cider providing a nice balance to the scotch in a highball glass.

Stone Fence Stone Fence vert
2 ounces blended scotch
Dash Angostura bitters
Chilled sparkling apple cider (non-alcoholic)

Pour scotch and add bitters over several ice cubes in a highball glass. Stir to combine. Top with cider and stir a few times.

Want to know more?
The New York Bartender’s Guide by Sally Ann Berk

Tasting notes: Refreshing, pleasant tang of fruit and smoke.

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