Scam I Am, Oscars cocktail

“American Hustle,” a story of a government scam, is up for a Best Picture Oscar. While the drink’s name might evoke memories of Dr. Seuss, this is not a chidren’s story. The use of Goldschläger, with its cinnamon bite and flakes of real gold, plus and sparkling wine, makes this an adult con.

Scam I Am Sam I Am vert
1/2 ounce Goldschläger liqueur
1/2 ounce vodka
Lemon juice
Chilled champagne or sparkling wine

Mix Goldschläger liqueur, vodka, and 3 or 4 drops of lemon juice in a mixing glass with 2 ice cubes. Place 2 small ice cubes and a long strip of lemon peel in an champagne flute. Strain in the liqueur and vodka, top with sparkling wine and stir.

Want to know more? The Sting Man: Inside Abscam

Tasting notes: Smooth cinnamon Goldschläger lifted by the sparkling wine.

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