Yule Jewel, pomegranate accent cocktail

Yule Jewel ingred crop The Yule Jewel is a deep pink-to-purple sparkler with rich fruit flavor. Chambord is a Cognac-based liqueur flavored with raspberries. It is often sold in miniature bottles, if you want to avoid the cost of a full-sized bottle. To get pomegranate seeds, buy a pomegranate, score the fruit into quarters and submerge it in a bowl filled with water. Gently tear the pomegranate apart under the water, releasing the edible seeds which drop to the bottom; the pith floats to top and can be discarded. Pomegranate seeds are edible. The leftover seeds can used as a topping on salads.

Yule Jewel Yule Jewel pour vert
1/2 ounce Chambord
5 ounces chilled dry sparkling wine or Prosecco, for a slightly sweeter drink
5-6 pomegranate seeds

Pour Chambord into a champagne flute or stemmed wine glass. Add the sparkling wine and drop in the pomegranate seeds.

Planning note: remember lay in several bottles of champagne for our holiday drinks week, and for auld lang syne.

Tomorrow: I’ll have a blue Christmas, without you…

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