Concorde, a cocktail before you arrive

Aviation week concludes with: Concorde.

Oh, the days of the super-sonic Concorde which arrived before it left, or seemed to. It was a singular form of air travel noted as much for the food and drink served in-flight as for the plane’s speed. Chill your sparkler icy cold, and enjoy the lively mixture of bubble, tart and sweet.

Concorde concorde pouring good crop
1 ounce poire, clear white alcohol, chilled
Thin slice of pear (Anjou, naturellement)
A long spiral of lemon peel
Ice cold champagne

Pour the poire into a chilled champagne flute. Add the pear slice and lemon spiral. Slowly pour in the chilled champagne and serve to that attractive Paris-bound passenger in seat 3-B. Bon voyage!

Concorde ingred crop

Tomorrow: Planning note: lay in several bottles of champagne or sparkling wines for our holiday drinks week, and for auld lang syne.

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